Quality Policy

Saudi Steel Profile is an:-

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • & former API Spec Q1 and API Spec 5L. (American Petroleum Institute)
CERTIFICATE APICertificate ISOregistration certificate

Quality Policy:

Saudi Steel Profile Company’s Quality Policy is the basis for the long-term profitability and growth of SSP. In the industries we serve, we strive to be every customer’s first choice quality supplier.



Customer Satisfaction:

Our organization is focused on our customers. We are committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties, including their economic, social and environmental concerns.

Continual Improvements:

We are committed to implementing continual improvements to every SSP process, product, service and quality management system by providing employees education and training to optimize performance in production, delivery of products and services.

Quality Involvement:

Top management reviews our quality policies and objectives to ensure their continual suitability and the framework of the quality management system. We believe that they complement our mission, vision and strategy. The quality policies, objectives, resource needs and effectiveness of the quality management system are communicated and understood within the organization.

Employee's awareness, development, involvement and self-responsibility are essential to the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Adherence to our quality management system is a permanent commitment of all employees, suppliers and partners of SSP. We obligate ourselves to maintain a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 & API Spec Q1 and API Spec 5L. (American Petroleum Institute)


Quality Assurance:

quality test

All SSP Tubemill production lines make use of electronic test equipment. This equipment checks the current on the tube over their entire length, the equipment is connected to the cutting system to cut and automatically reject any faulty parts of the tube.

The electronic tests also reject small defects such as welding cracks. Alongside these tests, destructive tests are carried out in real time on tube runs sampled at regular intervals during manufacturing. Tests consist of flaring a tube 600 angle cone (the flared cone must not break below 1.3 D) and reverse bending i.e. opening up a tube and reverse-fold it along the weld causing no breaking.

Our quality assurance personnel are ready to help our customers to arrange additional testing, when tubes are to be used for special applications.